Bev Butkow

South Africa

Coming from a place of supreme organisation and structure – as a trained accountant – Bev Butkow examines structures and how to unravel them. more »

Thina Dube

South Africa

Using skillfully crafted handmade paper, Thina Dube’s work explores the politics of language in South Africa, and the ways in which individual identities are dramatically shaped by what languages th more »

Carmen Ford

South Africa

Carmen Ford's work draws from a collection of her grandfather’s super-8 footage, featuring the power apparatus of the apartheid state. She uses the looped images of powerful flying machines and poli more »

Migrating between artistic disciplines, Ann Gollifer is driven by exploration of history and identities, both personal and collective, as well as the resounding themes of nature and culture in contemp more »

Fascinated with lines, Ayobola Kekere-Ekun transforms paper - often seen as a a common, neutral, unassuming material - into wholly fresh formations... more »

Asanda Kupa

South Africa

Asanda Kupa’s (b.1981) work is grounded by the experiences of those forced to the periphery of ‘The New South Africa’; despite its great re-birth... more »

Letso Leipego’s photography of rural life in Botswana is inspired by curiosity. He is inquisitive about light: his work emphasises contrast, and a stylized manipulation of light and shadow. more »

Mncedi Madolo

South Africa

A newcomer to Johannesburg, Mncedi Madolo’s scenes of the downtown city capture the microcosm of late 19th and early 20th century architecture that flourished in this frontier mining town. more »

Namibian artist Nicky Marais uses a vocabulary of abstract forms and colour relationships that originate primarily from the Namibian landscape, and the socio-political history of the Namibian people. more »

Self taught artist Tuli Mekondjo delicately responds to her upbringing in mixed media works, tracing her histories as a child who lived in exile, from the those around her and those who have either ac more »

Mongezi Ncaphayi

South Africa

Mongezi Ncaphayi’s work stands out from his contemporaries for its abstract qualities. His screenprints are intricate webs, carefully mapped out, as if tracing the stories of an organically evolving more »

Robyn Penn

South Africa

Robyn Penn is interested in transience and the natural processes of transformation and dissolution. Her keen attention to detail is reflected in her series on knitting. more »

Jo Rogge


Jo Rogge uses the bodily form as a conduit for probing fundamental beliefs about gender, body politics, identity, and sexuality. more »

Sky Salanje


Sky Salanje is a prolific commentator on the people around him, ranging from those in his immediate neighbourhood to public figures, from friends to priests and politicians. more »

Bambo Sibiya

South Africa

Rich stylistic detail and textures mark Bambo Sibiya’s linocuts and drypoint works, which seem to give insight into masculine identity and community on the streets of Johannesburg. Sibiya has found more »

Chris Soal

South Africa

Utilised daily by millions of people before being disgarded, toothpicks and bottle-tops comprise Chris Soal's key materials... more »

Mario Soares

South Africa

Mozambican born Mario Soares captures the similarities and differences of his home town and the city of Johannesburg where he is now based. more »

Using shoes, rubber, found objects, Tawanda Takura creatively comments on the abuse of power and other societal issues that affect those around him. more »

Bevan de Wet

South Africa

History, identity, hybridity and belonging are central themes in the printmaking of Bevan de Wet. As well as exploring the human form and the 'boundaries' of the skin, his work explores the notions more »

Of Richard Witikani, Zimbabwean artist and critic Helen Lieros says “[He] has the power to convey the essence of the land, the landscape and its marks, and enables the viewer to see it in a new way. more »

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