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Visual artist Sizwe Sama Sibisi through solo exhibition Happiness in Hell expresses self love

City Life Arts, April 2022

"Happy in Hell reflects the joys in life that are oftentimes masked by difficulties. Constantly being told that he would go to hell because his sexuality does not align with the Christian faith..."

Art Exhibition | “What Makes Your Heart Fly” by Sizwe Sama

SABC News, March 2022

"The Bag Factory Artist Studios in Johannesburg will from today until the 25th of March be hosting textile artist Sizwe Sama's solo exhibition. The project under the title "What Makes Your Heart Fly", is an invitation to celebrate the little things that lead to a sense of fulfilment..."

Jorge Fernandez Vidal’s Curated Picks from African Galleries Now

Artsy, March 2022

"Jorge Fernandez Vidal is an investor and business school professor. He has been collecting contemporary African art for over a decade and serves on Tate's African acquisition committee..."

‘eXe’: Bev Butkow’s Suggestive Gestures Toward Oneness | By Ashraf Jamal

TSA Contemporary Art Magazine, February 2022

"Through the interweaving of materials of diverse sources and characteristics suggested as entangled bodies, Bev Butkow’s work advocates a better humanity..."

In the galleries: A rock-and-roll odyssey through sex, race and religion

Washington Post, December 2021

"Arranged in two rows, the 16 paintings in Thebe Phetogo’s show at Von Ammon Co. bear a resemblance to a lineup of criminals. But the subjects of the Botswana artist’s “Blackbody Rogues’ Gallery” are too fantastical to be taken for the usual suspects. Some of their bodies appear to be made of loosely linked tubers..."

CHRIS THURMAN: Attempting to better understand artistic exchange

Business Day, December 2021

"The Running exhibition in China is a foray into educating visitors about the diversity of global art..."

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair 2021: proposals from four galleries in London.

Art Talkers, November 2021

"Today, these and other colonial-era images and artifacts, not to mention terms like 'natives' and 'huts', elicit mixed responses. Do we have to deal with them, or is it better to ignore them and forget them? Although he feels "paralyzed by sadness, anger and pity" when first encountering postcards..."

Film-makers explore ‘Territories Under My Skin’

The Namibian, October 2021

"Featuring eight films initially screened at Germany's landmark movie theatre City Kino Wedding, the programme includes a collection of shorts, performance art films and documentary-fiction from Joel Haikali, Hildegard Titus, Tuli Mekondjo, Steffen List, Nicola Brandt, Laura Horelli, Musquiqui Chihying and Gregor Kasper..."

Strong sales at 1-54 fair—with more African dealers than ever

The Art Newspaper, October 2021

"Twenty galleries from Africa are among 47 exhibitors at the fair in London this week, with some taking advantage of the UK's newly relaxed pandemic travel rules..."