With eclectic and wide-ranging interests across science, religion and the esoteric, Isheanesu Dondo (b. 1985) left the study of biochemistry to pursue his art career. His chosen mediums are primarily pen and ink on paper

Bearing both mythical and magical symbols and a strong sense of the sculptural, Ishe’s drawings are minimalist, tender and imbued with longing. The artist’s influences include the Hermetic Philosophy of ancient Egypt, divination practices in Shona religion (whose combinations can be read as binary code used in modern computers), and Zimbabwean artists and stone sculptors such as Mukomberanwa, Gutsa, Gwetai and Zvavahera among others.

View Ishe’s work in our Fresh Voices 2021 catalogue and follow him on Artsy.

Ishe’s work has been exhibited in group exhibitions in Zimbabwe, at Zeitz MOCAA Cape Town (2018-2019), and with Althuis Hofland Fine Arts in the Netherlands (2019). In 2022, his work was presented in London as part of our Muzivi Wenzira pop-up.


2022 ‘Romancing the Stone’, Group exhibition, KwaZulu Natal Society of Arts

2021 Fresh Voices, Group exhibition, Guns & Rain

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