South Africa

About the Artist

Bougaard is a Johannebsurg-based artist who uses explorations of language, childhood games and artisanal papermaking to speak about hybrid identities in post-apartheid South Africa. In particular, her work deconstructs and re-examines notions of “Coloured” identity, unpicking the cultural traces and practices that have been, and still are, associated with “Colouredness” today.

The term “Coloured” is an apartheid-era racial classification used to refer to individuals of mixed racial heritage. Bougaard proposes an alternative version of the word “Coloured”, the phonetically approximate “Kullid”, as a liberating creolisation of the bureaucratic language of apartheid. Rather than a new way of categorising individuals according to their race, Bougaard sees the word “Kullid” as a linguistic vessel for her own lived experience of hybrid identity. In her work she activates and acknowledges the language Afrikaaps (a dialect related to Afrikaans), specifically using phrases from the slang dialect Gamtaal, which is associated with the “Coloured” community of the Cape Flats, near Cape Town.

Bougaard works fluidly between sculpture, sound, installation and papermaking, allowing the conceptual demands of the work to dictate the medium. Her handmade paper works bring together millions of fibres of mixed origin, a metaphor for the almost limitless plurality of Kullid experience. Her sculptures capture culturally resonant objects, such as Sunlight soap, Amala oil, Afrikaaps phrases, and wooden spoons, among others, which are then encased in resin. Through this process, she memorialises her everyday life.

Her most recent project was the two-person exhibition Us (with Zenaéca Singh) at Guns & Rain, from June to August 2023. In early 2023 Bougaard completed a Master of Fine Arts degree (Cum Laude) at the University of Johannesburg, exhibiting her final body of work in a solo show at the Origins Centre Museum at the University of the Witwatersrand (also in Johannesburg). In 2021, as part of her Honours in Fine Arts, Bougaard had a solo show at Constitution Hill. Prior to this she has shown her work in group shows with Guns & Rain (2021, 2022) and in the 2019 Sasol New Signatures Award exhibition.


  • 2024 DECADE : 10 Years of Guns & Rain (group exhibition), Johannesburg
  • 2023 Us, two-person exhibition with Zenaéca Singh, Guns & Rain
  • 2023 Mase(Kind)ers: it’s a Kullid thing, Masters solo exhibition (University of Johannesburg), Origins Centre, Wits University
  • 2022 Stories of Being, group exhibition, Guns & Rain
  • 2021 Those Summer Nights, group exhibition, Guns & Rain
  • 2021 Mother Nature in Monotype, The Printing Girls, White River Gallery
  • 2021 The Printing Girls, The Printing Girls, The Art Room
  • 2021 Making and Interpreting Art in 2021, with the National Research Foundation and University of Johannesburg, online
  • 2020 The Voices that Come to Us from the Past (honours exhibition), University of Johannesburg, Constitution Hill South Africa
  • 2020 The Student Collection-Unlocking Young Artist’s Voices, with the Lockdown Collection, online
  • 2020 Fresh Voices, Guns and Rain, online
  • 2020 The Feast of Saint Valentine, Association of Arts Pretoria
  • 2020 Easter Symbols, Association of Arts Pretoria, online
  • 2019 The Best of the Best, Alliance Française, curated by Gordon Froud
  • 2019 Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum
  • 2019 [Insert fancy title here], University of Johannesburg
  • 2019 #No Approval, with the University of Johannesburg, Alliance Française
  • 2018 The Best of the Best, curated by Gordon Froud, Alliance Française
  • 2018 Life force: The Still Lifes of Irma Stern, Straus & Co, Turbine Art Fair


  • Amawal Collection, Spain

Grants, Residencies and Awards

  • 2024 Ampersand Foundation Residency
  • 2019 Merit Award , Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum
  • 2018 Runner-up in paintings and two dimensional division, Strauss & Co Irma Stern Competition

Selected Works


Wooden sculptures cast in resin
26 x 30 x 30 cm

Poppie on a swing

Found object cast in resin on mannequin, seated on tyre and wooden rig.
198 x 230 x 230 cm

Unbodied series: Untitled II

Wooden spoon cast in resin
26 x 30 x 30 cm

Unbodied series: Untitled I

Spices cast in resin
15 x 10 x 50 cm


Paper watermark, cut-out and embedding in handmade paper
Sheet Size: Variable

Dala what you must

Paper watermark in handmade paper
Sheet Size: Variable

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