Angelique Bougaard

(South Africa)

Angelique Bougaard is a young emerging South African artist currently completing her honours degree in Fine Art at the University of Johannesburg. She works in a variety of mediums to express her interest in memory. She has competed in a few art competitions and exhibitions. In 2018 she received a drawing award at the Straus & Co Irma Stern competition. In 2019 she was a merit award winner in the Sasol New Signatures competition.


Thematically her body of work explores death, regeneration and nostalgia through multidimensional image making techniques. Emerging from a nostalgic place, these artworks simultaneously captures and distorts time. The handmade quality of paper, carefully stitched surfaces, interplay between light and dark are significant imprints of her contemplative and meditative energy. She integrates stitched in-map contours and imagery of her late sister and dad to communicate death and loss.

Her approach to dealing with death and loss is whimsical. The Integration of the word smile and the smiley face (from her late sister’s letter) appears in some of the works, alluding to this sense of whimsicality. “I do not want my work to be mere morbid encounter but a quaint encounter that is nostalgic in an appealing way”.

Through dealing with her personal memory, she communicates pain and loss. Various people have experienced and encountered situations of loss and pain, so her work becomes a space for the viewer to encounter their own similar experiences. Her work is not prescriptive, it relies on feeling, connection and what the viewer encounters. The association and lived experiences of the viewer becomes equally important.


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