Bev Butkow

South Africa

Coming from a place of supreme organisation and structure – as a trained accountant – Bev is reconsidering structures and how to unravel them. By focusing on mapping and pattern as structures of imposed power, she is engaged in a process of un-ravelling hidden societal power structures like the inscriptions of gender and artificial binary classifications such as the self and the Other.
She is also actively battling her natural inclination to re-order and re-structure.  She is working to not reach the perfect-neat-ordered-logical solution, but rather to sit in the discomfort and uncertainty of the mess.
Bev had her first solo exhibition in 2015, winning a Merit Award in the 2015 SA Taxi Foundation Art Award the same year.  In 2016 she exhibited at the Cape Town Art Fair. Her work sits in collections in South Africa as well as in New York, London, Dubai and the Netherlands.  She is currently studying for an Honours in Art History at Wits University.
Explore additional work by Bev in this portfolio.


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