Tawanda Takura


Tawanda Takura’s (Zimbabwe) animalesque sculpture-masks, created from found objects, explore ‘the animal within’, emotions ranging from vulnerability to aggression, from tame to wild. Primarily made from discarded shoes, they also comment on the use and abuse of power, and a crisis of leadership both in his own country and globally. The sculptures take on additional layers of meaning through the fact that the shoes have been used and worn by multiple people. If and when they function as masks, the works take on yet further meaning: the masquerades we undertake in daily life, the things that we hide or expose about ourselves; the fact that “we can become strangers in our own skin”.


Group Exhibitions


2015 FNB Jo’burg Artfair, South Africa
2015 Two-man Agostinho Neto exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe
2016 FNB Jo’burg Artfair, Contemporary visual arts of Africa (South Africa)
2017 Cape Town Artfair, (South Africa)
2017 Identity, Migration and Belonging (Mauritius)
2017 Vibrant Africa (Hong Kong )
2018 Cape Town Artfair .South Africa
2018 FNB joburg Artfair South Africa



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