Aneesah Girie’s (1999) practice is centered around ideas pertaining to materiality, investigated both through its physical forms as well as through metaphorical conceptions. With a focus on the hijab (headscarf), she looks to ways in which material(lity) becomes a placeholder for one’s identity, history, perceptibility, meaning-making and social construction.

She explores how the hijab is utilized through a process of manipulation, hardening and re-flection; in doing so, material is re-imagined, re-interpreted and re-presented to push forth alternative modes of being, seeing and interpreting.

“The frame or ‘framing’ that I use in my work becomes an important metaphor and entry point into understanding how the frame in both its physical and social construction becomes a standardization, regulation and container for how the veiled Muslim woman is viewed. And therefore I ask, how do we begin to un-cover, to re-cover. To frame and re-frame that of which both holds and withholds. To slip, spill and pull away from or perhaps towards. The re-flections of the possibilities beyond convention, standardization and regularity.”

Aneesah is a South African who holds a BAFA from the University of Witwatersrand. She earned the Wits Young Artist Award of 2021, and received multiple awards during her degree.

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  • 2021  Everard Read Gallery: RMB Talent Unlocked Exhibition 
  • 2021  Joburg Fringe Annual Show


  • 2021  The Point of Order Wits Young Artist Award

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