Political change, in its many forms, is process. These processes can feel chaotic because, by its very nature, political change involves the undoing of familiar orders and structures. Perhaps there is consolation, and indeed greater success, if an emphasis on order is relaxed, and the disordered processes of change are allowed to flow freely. The artworks included in this exhibition foreground the role of process: they present complex questions about our political lives by teasing the boundaries between work-in- progress and notions of a ‘finished product’.


Steps in processes are often muddled – there are overlaps, sometimes even confusion. Incorporating the chaos of the process into the work itself is a powerful statement about the energy that such processes generate. The artworks in this exhibition tackle ideas about how our individual selves are embroiled in political lives, and how it is messy, confusing – and liberating – to re-make ourselves and our societies continually. In this exhibition we ponder, is there truly a distinction between the process, and the thing itself?


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